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Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co., Ltd

Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co., Ltd


Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co., Ltd
About Us
We Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co Ltd established in 1990 is specialized in researching and manufacturing series of oleochemicals Our products are widely used as surfactant slipping agent anti caking agent emulsifier and ore floating agent in petrochemical plastic textile printing dyeing pharmaceutical metallurgical mining and so on We re leading producer of mining flotation agent and fertilizer anti caking agent in China With good performance of our tallow amine and hydrogenated tallow amine in flotation and anti caking in potash industry we have become the major supplier of SDIC Lop Nor Potassium Salts Co Qinhai Salt Lake Potash Co Belarusian Potash Company Belamskali and Eurochem Usolsky...

Categories and Products

Fatty Primary Amines

Fatty Amides

Fatty Bis Amides

Fatty Secondary Amides

Primary Amine Acetate

Fatty Acids

Slipping Agent

Mineral Flotation Agent

Anticaking Agent


Liquid Glycerine

Oxygenated Rapeseed Oil

Products Keywords
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PowerFilm Slip AdditiveAmide As OpacifierStearic Fatty AcidPropylene GlycerinAnti Caking PowderBehenic Acid AmideOleamide with BeadEthylene Bis AmideStearyl Amine UsesBitumen EmulsifierTallow Amine PriceStearic Acid AmidePE Film Slip AgentStearyl StearamideStearylamine PowderCorrosion InhibitorBituminous EmulsionEBO Used in PlasticSlip Agent AdditiveFatty Ammonium SaltFilm Slip AdditivesOre Flotation AgentNatural EmulsifiersOctadecyl ErucamideOleic Acid 112-80-185%min Behenic AcidSlip Agent OleamideOctadecylamine UsesStearic Acid PowderDocosanamide PowderTallow Alkyl Amines99%min Cas 112-80-1Rapeseed Fatty AcidAmide As EmulsifierOleylamine SynthesisFatty Acid Amide WaxEBS Used in ColorantTallow Primary AmineVegetable Oleic AcidPesticide EmulsifierEBS As ABS LubricantEbo Demoulding AgentStearic Acid for PVCBis Amide EmulsifierLow Price OleylamineSlip Agent ErucamideErucamide Slip AgentFatty Primary AminesEbs Dispersing AgentPrimary Amine AcetateHigh Purity ErucamideWater Treatment 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Demoulding AgentTallow Amine 61790-33-8Oleylamine Cas 112-90-3Friction Reducing AgentBehenamide DocosanamideEthylene Bisteaic AmideCAS 112-80-1 Oleic AcidHigh Quality OleylamineOleyl Amine CAS 112-90-3N'-ethylene Bis OleamideHigh Purity StearylamineChemical Auxiliary AgentTop Quality DocosanamideOleic Acid As EmulsifierStearyl Erucamide PowderCAS 112-86-7 Erucic AcidEBS As Plastic LubricantHydrogenated TallowamineBehenamide CAS 3061-75-4CAS10094-45-8 As LubriantOrganic Anti Caking AgentHydrogenated Tallow AmineFactory Supply OleylamineHydrogenated Tallow AlkylStearic Acid Amide PowderOleic Acid Slipping AgentStearylamine CAS 124-30-1Ethylene Bis Oleamide EboC18 Primary Amine AcetateBehenamide Slipping AgentAmide As Demoulding AgentOctadecylamine SolubilityTallowamine As EmulsifierC12 Primary Amine AcetateAmide As Dispersing AgentCAS 124-30-1 StearylamineDodecylamine CAS 124-22-1Behenic Acid CAS 112-85-6Docosanamide As LubricantOleamide As Release AgentBehenic Acid As SurfactanGood 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124-30-1Erucamide with High QualityStearic Acid As PlasticizerOctadecylamine As LubricantErucamide with Fast DeliveryOctadecylamine As EmulsifierStearyl Amine CAS 61788-45-2Slip Agent Erucic Acid AmideOleamide As Demoulding AgentErucic Acid Amide Slip AgentTallowamine EINECS 263-125-1High Purity 99.5 % GlycerineStearyl Erucamide 10094-45-8Primary Amine OctadecylamineSlip Agents For PolyethyleneStearyl Stearamide LubricantStearyl Erucamide EmulsifierOleic Acid Mineral FlotationPotassium Chloride FlotationSecondary Amide As LubricantLubricant Stearyl StearamideEthylene Bis Oleamide PowderFatty Secondary Amides TypesCAS 112-85-6 Docosanoic AcidOleamine As Antistatic AgentOleic Acid Amide As LubricantSlow Setting Bitumen EmulsionErucic Acid to Make LubricantBis Amide As Dispersing AgentFatty Secondary Amides PowderBis Amide As Demoulding AgentSecondary Amide As EmulsifierErucamide As Demoulding AgentHigh Quality 98% DocosanamideStearamide Used As SurfactantCAS 301-02-0 Oleic Acid 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Textile AuxiliaryBitumen Emulsifier StearylamineC12 Primary Amine Acetate AS-12Behenic Acid Amide As LubricantIndustrial Grade 99% Oleic AcidStearic Acid Amide As LubricantHigh Quality 90%min Erucic AcidStearyl Erucamide As EmulsifierHydrogenated Tallow Alkyl AmineStearyl Stearamide As LubricantStearic Acid Amide CAS 124-26-5Hydrogenated Tallow Amine PowerTallowamine Pesticide EmulsiferStearyl Stearamide As OpacifierHigh Quality 90% Min Erucic AcidDocosanamide As Dispersing AgentCosmetic Ingredients Erucic AcidGlycerine Used in Daily ChemicalPrimary Amine As Flotation AgentStearyl Erucamide CAS 10094-45-8Oleylamine with EINECS:204-015-5Slip Agent In Polyethylene FilmsStearyl Stearamide As AnticakingStearamide is Plastic LubricantsOctadecanamide As Slipping AgentHydrogenated Tallow Alkyl PowderHigh Quality Oleylamine 112-90-3Stearyl Stearamide As EmulsifierOleic Acid Unsaturated Fatty AcidChemicla Intermediate LaurylamineSecondary Amide As Slipping AgentOctadecanamide As Lubricant 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Good PriceOctadecylamine CAS 124-30-1 PowderCAS124-30-1 Also Call StearylamineHigh Qulity Behenamide As LubricantEmulsifier Laurylamine Cas 124-22-1Oxygenated Rapeseed Oil Used in InkSecondary Amide As Dispersing AgentOxygenated Polymerized Rapeseed OilHigh Purity Oleylamine CAS 112-90-3High Purity Stearamide CAS 124-26-5Fatty Amides Erucamide CAS 112-84-5Tallowamine As Organic IntermediateOctadecylamine As Anti-static AgentOctadecyl Octadecamide As LubricantSecondary Amide As Demoulding AgentStearyl Erucamide As Slipping AgentEthylene Bis Oleamide As EmulsifierCis-13-Docosenoic Acid CAS 112-86-7Oleic Acid As Chemical IntermediatesBehenic Acid Amide As Slipping AgentAmine Acetate As Corrosion InhibitorOleic Acid Amide As Demoulding AgentEthylene Bis Stearamide CAS 110-30-5High Quality Ethylene Bis StearamideStearyl Stearamide As Slipping AgentOctadecylamine Acetate As EmulsifierStearamide is Plastic Release AgentsDodecylamine As Organic IntermediateDocosanoic Acid As Organic SynthesisOxygenated Rapeseed Oil As LubricantEthylene Bis Stearamide As OpacifierCAS124-30-1 Also Call OctadecylamineStearyl Amine As Corrosion InhibitorStearyl Erucamide As Dispersing AgentStearamide Film Anti - Adhesion AgentEthylene Bis Stearamide As DispersantCAS 124-22-1 Laurylamine DodecylamineCAS 61788-45-2 Potash Flotation AgentWhite Flakes Hydrogenated TallowamineCAS 61790-59-8 Octadecylamine AcetateEBS Use in Chemical Fiber CAS110-30-5Behenamide/Fatty Amides/CAS 3061-75-4Stearyl Erucamide As Demoulding AgentErucamide As Slipping Agent for ResinSlipping Agent Octadecyl OctadecamideOleylamine As Mineral Flotation AgentOctadecylamine As Organic IntermediateErucamide Dispersing Agent for PlasticStearyl Stearamide As Dispersing AgentStearyl Stearamide As Demoulding AgentErucamide As Lubricant for Color PasteCis-13-Docosenoamide Erucic Acid AmideTallowamine As Mineral Flotation AgentDocosanoic Acid Unsaturated Fatty Acid61788-45-2 Fertilizer Anticaking AgentOctadecyl Erucamide/ Stearyl ErucamideFine Chemical Intermediate Erucic AcidBehenic Acid Amide As Dispersing AgentBehenic Acid Use for Organic SynthesisEthylene Bis Oleamide AS Opening AgentHigh Quality 98% Oleamide CAS 301-02-0Dodecanamine As Mineral Flotation AgentChemical Auxiliary Agent OctadecanamideCAS 61788-45-2 Hydrogenated TallowamineEthylene Bis Stearamide with Best PriceEthylene Bis Stearamide EBS for PlasticHydrogenated Tallowamine CAS 61788-45-2Octadecylamine CAS 124-30-1 StearylamineEthylene Bis Oleamide (EBO) CAS:110-31-6Oleic Acid Organic Chemical Raw MaterialHigh Qulity Behenamide As Slipping AgentC18 Primary Amine Acetate CAS 61790-59-8Amine Acetate As Mineral Flotation AgentHigh Quality Stearamide / OctadecanamideFactory Supply Oleylamine with Best PriceTallowamine Also Call Tallow Alkyl AminesEthylene Bis Stearamide As Slipping AgentOctadecyl Octadecamide Stearyl StearamidePrimary Amine Acetate As Anticaking AgentWhite Flake Solid Hydrogenated TallowamineOctadecylamine Acetate As Anticaking AgentAnti-Blocking and Slipping Agent ErucamideBitumen Emulsifier Hydrogenated TallowamineEmulsifier Stearyl Erucamide CAS 10094-45-8CAS 61788-45-2 Potassium Chloride FlotationEthylene Bis Stearamide As Dispersing AgentHydrogenated Tallowamine As Antistatic AgentHydrogenated Tallow Amine As Anticaking AgentHydrogenated Tallowamine As Corrosion InhibitorHydrogenated Tallow Amine As Organic IntermediateHydrogenated Tallow Amine As Mineral Flotation Agent
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