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Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co., Ltd

Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co., Ltd


Sichuan Tianyu Oleochemical Co., Ltd
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Fatty Amines Primary Amine Fatty Primary Amines Chemical Auxiliary Agent Oleyl Amine Stearyl Amine Octadecyl Amine Primary Amine As Flotation Agent Cas 61790 33 8 C18 Primary Amine Tallow Primary Amine Water Treatment Agent Cas 112 90 3 Tallow Amine Tallow Alkyl Amines Oleylamine Cas 112-90-3 Octadecylamine Uses Octadecylamine Solubility Primary Amine As Lubricant Primary Amine Octadecylamine Cas 124-30-1 Oleylamine Synthesis Dodecylamine Solubility Tallow Amine Structure Stearylamine Powder Stearyl Amine Uses Hydrogenated Tallow Amine Hydrogenated Tallowamine Oleylamine Cas Corrosion Inhibitor Oleyl Amine Ethoxylate Hydrogenated Tallow Alkyl Fatty Amides Types Of Amides Fatty Acid Amide Unsaturated Fatty Amide Cas 112 84 5 Cas 124 26 5 Oleic Acid Amide Behenic Acid Amide Erucic Acid Amide Stearic Acid Amide Slip Agent Oleamide Erucamide Dispersing Agent Organic Amide Docosanamide Powder Amide As Emulsifier Rubber Auxiliary Agents Demoulding Agent Fatty Acid Amide Wax Behenamide Docosanamide Amide As Demoulding Agent Cas 301 02 0 Erucamide Cas Dispersing Agent Amide As Dispersing Agent Stearamide Uses Amide As Opacifier Octadecanamide Powder Stearic Acid Amide Powder Bis Amide Fatty Bis Amides Fatty Acid Amide Uses Cas 110 31 6 Cas 110 30 5 Ethylene Bis Stearamide Ebs Cas 110-30-5 Ethylene Bis Oleamide Bis Amide As Lubricant Ebs Emulsifier Bis Amide Emulsifier Ethylene Bis Stearamide Powder Ebo Demoulding Agent Ethylene Bis Oleamide Powder Bis Amide As Demoulding Agent Ebs Dispersing Agent Ethylene Bisteaic Amide Bis Amide As Dispersing Agent Ethylene Bis Stearamide Wax Bis Stearamide Ethylene Bis Amide Ethylene Bis Stearamid Secondary Amide Fatty Secondary Amides Fatty Secondary Amides Powder Fatty Secondary Amides Types Stearyl Erucamide Secondary Fatty Amides Slip Agents For Polyethylene Secondary Amide As Slipping Agent Stearyl Stearamide Stearyl Stearamide Lubricant Stearyl Erucamide Lubricant Secondary Amide As Lubricant Stearyl Erucamide Emulsifier Secondary Amide As Emulsifier Stearyl Erucamide 10094-45-8 Industrial Grade Emulsifier Cas 10094-45-8 Octadecyl Erucamide Stearyl Erucamide Powder Secondary Amide As Demoulding Agent Dispersant Agent Octadecyl Octadecamide Polymeric Dispersing Agent Secondary Amide As Dispersing Agent Amine Acetate Primary Amine Acetate Aliphatic Primary Amine Cas 61790 59 8 Octadecyl Amine Acetate C18 Primary Amine Acetate Hydrogenated Tallow Amine Acetate Fatty Ammonium Salt C12 Primary Amine Acetate Ammonium Salt Of Fatty Acid Fatty Acids Palm Fatty Acid Stearic Fatty Acid Rapeseed Fatty Acid Erucic Acid Cas 112 86 7 Erucic Acid Power Cis 13 Docosenoic Acid Behenic Acid Cas 112 85 6 Acid Behenic Docosanoic Acid Stearic Acid Cas 57 11 4 Stearic Acid Powder Vegetable Stearic Acid Slip Agent Slipping Agent Slip Additives Slip Agent Additive Erucamide Slip Agent Pe Film Slipping Agent Behenamide Slipping Agent Slip Agent In Polyethylene Films Erucamide Slip Pp Film Slipping Agent Slip Agents In Plastics Pp Film Slip Additives Cas 112 80 1 Film Slip Additives Oleic Acid Slipping Agent Casting Film Slipping Agent Flotation Agent Ore Flotation Agent Mineral Flotation Agent Flotation Agent In Mineral Cas 61788 45 2 Potash Flotation Agent Flotation Collecting Agent Potassium Chloride Flotation Anticaking Agent Anti Caking Powder Anticaking Agent Powder Organic Anti Caking Agent Cas 61788-45-2 Fertilizer Anticaking Agent Hydrogenated Tallow Alkyl Amine Hydrogenated Tallow Alkyl Powder Natural Emulsifiers Emulsifier Powder Vegetable Oleic Acid Primary Amine Pesticide Emulsifer Oleic Acid Oleic Fatty Acid Pesticide Emulsifier Tallowamine Pesticide Emulsifer Bitumen Emulsifier Bituminous Emulsion Slow Setting Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting Bitumen Emulsion Cas 56 81 5 Liquid Glycerine Glycerine Liquid Propylene Glycerin Friction Reducing Agent Oxygenated Rapeseed Oil Oxygenated Polymerized Rapeseed Oil
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